Attorney Client Privilege – Episode 29

Legally Insane – Episode 29

The guys kick off the show with a few Rolling Stones jokes and then jump right into the topic of attorney client privilege. Matt updates us on Trump and his Lawyer Michael Cohen.


  • [03:01] – Cohen’s, the highest-ranking Jews.
  • [04:44] – Trump and Michael Cohen, the death of attorney client privilege.
  • [09:47] – Attorney client privilege is a permission granted to an attorney to withhold truthful information from investigators.
  • [12:50] – Bruce Cutler and The Teflon Don.
  • [18:56] – Michael Cohen and Donald Trump.
  • [26:34] – James Comey and his blue suit.
  • [29:46] – The FBI has a taint team.

 The Takeaway: Check your taint, guys.





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