California Eugenics Law – Episode 20

Tony kicks off the show congratulating Matt on his recent marriage. The guys then start off discussing Eugenics laws. Eugenics is the study of genetics superiority. California was on the forefront of Americas Eugenics movement and supported many heinous acts.




  • [03:23] – Eugenics is the pseudo science aimed at improving the human race
  • [04:22] – In 1909 CA adopted these laws and began experiments
  • [05:10] – Leo Stanley, chief surgeon at San Quentin prison, began some horrific experiments to “rejuvenate masculinity” One of these experiments included replacing guys balls with animals balls to have his masculinity renewed
  • [12:50] – Carnegie family, the Rockefellers and the Harmon railroad fortune, funded the eugenics movement. Kellogg founded the race betterment foundation.
  • [15:03] – States began passing laws that prevented epileptic, feeble minded and people deemed imbeciles from marrying
  • [15:15] – 1927 Buck vs Bell
  • [19:05] – State fairs held “Better Baby Contests”
  • [21:57] – By 1933 CA was producing literature about eugenics and sterilization and began sending it to the Germans. Hitler realized California was going what he wanted to do
  • [23:59] – In 1934 there were Nazi Scientific Exhibits at the LA County Museum
  • [24:43] – In 1978 the US passed the Federal Sterilization Regulation which prohibited a lot of sterilization practices






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