Cloning Laws – There’s No Federal Law Against Making Another You! – Episode 21

Legally Insane – Episode 21

Shout out to super fan Josh Benjamin, an immigration attorney in New Jersey! Thanks for listening. We’re 21 episodes in and the podcast is picking up steam. The guys just love spending time together. Speaking of which, Matt enjoys spending so much time with Tony that sometimes he wishes there was 2 of him. Let’s clone Tony!


  • [03:32] – 1952 scientists demonstrated they could remove the nucleus from a Frogs egg, replace it with the nucleus of an embryonic frog cell and get the egg to develop into a tadpole.
  • [05:55] – In 1986 a sheep was cloned by a nuclear transfer from embryonic cells.
  • [06:46] – In 1998 50 mice were cloned, 2000 pigs and goats and in 2001 scientists cloned a 6 celled human embryo and 5 bulls.
  • [09:07] – In 2002 a huge advancement happened and a company called “Clonade” out of Japan, claimed they managed to produce the first human clone. A girl named Eve. A year later they claimed to have cloned the first baby boy. None of this was ever confirmed.
  • [12:22] – A couple weeks ago, in early 2018 the first primates were cloned.
  • [14:43] – Cloning isn’t illegal under federal law
  • [18:33] – In 2011 a dentist named Michael Zuk bought part of John Lennon’s Molar Tooth in an auction. His goal is to clone lennon.
  • [25:20] – Cloning state laws: 17 states have banned cloning humans, in 33 it’s legal.
  • [29:33] – The American Quarter Horse Association is in the middle of a 3-year-old lawsuit, regarding cloned horses. They don’t want cloned racehorse’s competing.
  • [34:49] – There are 70 countries that have banned human cloning; the USA isn’t one of them.


The Takeaway – The law unsettled and lots of developments are taking place in the cloning world. The first primate was just cloned and it looks like the door is swinging open for the cloning of organs and other human anatomy for the advancement of the human species.







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