DUI Laws – Breathalyzer and Other Even More Inaccurate Tests – Episode 18

Matt and Tony kick off the show reflecting on a recent night of drinking together. Tony tells the audience how that night he had a little too much to drink and got nabbed at a checkpoint while riding his Vespa home. The guys joke around it a little, while trying to not make light of the situation. They then Segway into DUI laws and the history surrounding them.




  • [03:09] – 1910 New York became the first state to adopt drunk driving laws
  • [04:52] – In the 1930s committees were tasked with making roads safer. The American Medical Association began studying what was causing the rise in accidents. They set the original BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) at .15. They had to draw actual blood to get the reading
  • [11:12] – In 1938 Dr. Rolla Harger created the first blood alcoholmeasuring device that used a breath sample. One blew into a balloon to get the reading
  • [18:05] – In 1975 field sobriety tests were created. This was a set of tests administered on the road. Things like standing on one leg, following a pen with your eyes, etc…
  • [21:54] – In 1967 Ohio began to issue special license plates for DUI offenders
  • [29:54] – Myths on how to beat the breathalyzer
  • [36:31] – In 2016 over 10,000 people died in drunk driving accidents
  • [38:16] – 1.8 million drivers were arrested in 2015 for DUI





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