Espionage Laws – Censoring Political Rivals, Pizza is a Bad Code Word – Episode 4

  • Learn what the Espionage Act of 1917 is all about.
  • Learn the average cost of an espionage trial.

The Recap

On this week’s episode, Matt and Tony deep dive into some of the craziest and darkest parts of the legal history of the United States. Matt is a recovering Big Law attorney-turned-comedian with a passion for legal history, while Tony has no legal background whatsoever – except for a few minor brushes with the law. Ultimately, it’s Tony’s absurd and funny point of view on laws that will rub Matt the hilarious way.

Enjoy provoking laughter as Matt and Tony blow our minds on this week’s topic: espionage – AKA whistleblowers, spies, and agents. Know how much it will cost you if you mess with this country!

Check out these episode highlights

  • [02:30] – Overview of Espionage Act of 1917
  • [07:28] – Why does espionage happen?
  • [12:27] – The first espionage cases against the US
  • [22:29] – Edward Snowden leaks US NSA spy program
  • [26:51] – Foreign Agents Registration Act
  • [30:00] – The Pizza Hut Connection: Hezbollah Reveals 10 Undercover CIA Officers
  • [33:12] – The Sterling Trial: Operation Merlin Meets Curveball

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