Legalized Marijuana and Jeff Sessions the No Fun Police – Episode 16

Legally Insane – Episode 16

The guys open the show discussing Prop 64 in California and how weed is now recreationally legal across the state. They discuss how weed is only really legal at the state level and the Federal Government can step in any time


  • [3:07] – The Harrison Narcotic Act of 1914
  • [05:26] – In 1937 Congress passed the Marijuana Tax Act making it legal but heavily taxed
  • [06:23] – In the 1950’s the Federal Government began to start cracking down and giving mandatory minimum sentences for weed possession
  • [11:30] – In 1970 Congress passed The Controlled Substances Act, which created the Categories, Schedule 1, Schedule 2, etc… They dubbed weed a Schedule 1, which meant scientists and medical professionals couldn’t study it or do any research on it
  • [13:32] – It was grassroots efforts through states that pushed for it to be legal medically at the state level
  • [23:11] – In 2013 Obama decided cracking down on Medical Marijuana is no a priority
  • [26:43] – As of January 2018 Jess Sessions has rolled back Obamas policy
  • [31:46] – The number of arrests for weed possession in 2016 was 574,000







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