Legally Insane – Is ICE Breaking Up Families, Sending them to “Foster Care or Whatever” – Episode 37

This week Matt and Tony try to get serious, well as much as they can. First Tony tells us about how he accidentally ate cat poop. Then we take a deep dive into what the hell is actually going at the Southern Border. According to Chief of Staff John Kelly the kids are going to “foster or whatever” And who the hell is ICE anyway? And where the heck does our immigration policy even come from? Well, funny you should ask, Matt and Tony take us all the way back to the beginning of our nations interesting and dark history of dealing with immigration. But first they talk about how ICE apparently put up a flier for parents with the wrong number to call to find out where their kids are. Then they find out gummy bears may have been made by slave labor. They discuss the horrible use of Holocaust references to this “camp” atmosphere. What a time we are going through. Listen, learn, laugh on Legally Insane




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