Mental Health Law – Is Reagan To Blame? – Episode 33

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Mental Health Law – Is Reagan To Blame? – Episode 33

The guys discuss mental health laws, a topic near and dear to both of them. In this episode you’ll learn about the origins of mental health hospitals in the US, as well as the history of treatments given to mental health patients. If you’re struggling with mental illness, please seek help. You’re not alone.


  • [04:09] – A person on a 5150 can be held in a psychiatric hospital for 72 hours against their will.
  • [06:23] – In 1773 the first patient was admitted to a mental health facility in the US.
  • [09:16] – In 1936 Dr. Walter Freeman performed the first Lobotomy.
  • [12:55] – Thorazine, the antipsychotic drug was introduced to the health care market.
  • [19:00] – Reagan ended a lot of federal funding for Psychiatric Hospitals, thus many patients were left to the streets and/or criminal justice system.
  • [23:12] – China passed their first mental health law in 2012.
  • [26:52] – There are three times as many mentally ill people in jails then in hospitals.

The Takeaway – We have a lot of work to do in this country in regards to treating and housing the mentally ill.

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