Pardon Power – Mark Rich, Peter Yarrow and Joe Arpaio Should All Be Cellmates – Episode 5

  • Learn what Presidential Pardon Power is and how it works.
  • • Learn the purpose of granting pardon.

The Recap

On this week’s episode, Matt and Tony deep dive into some of the craziest and darkest parts of the legal history of the United States. Matt is a recovering Big Law attorney-turned-comedian with a passion for legal history, while Tony has no legal background whatsoever – except for a few minor brushes with the law. Ultimately, it’s Tony’s absurd and funny point of view on laws that will rub Matt the hilarious way.

Expect tons of crazy antics from the duo as they bring their insights about the use and misuse of the Pardon Power.

Check out these episode highlights

  • [01:00] – History of Pardon Power
  • [10:10] – How the President’s Pardon Power works
  • [11:27] – The Whiskey Rebellion of 1974
  • [19:30] – Brigham Young and the Utah War of 1858
  • [20:20] – Socialist politician Eugene Debs’ sedition case in 1920
  • [21:48] – Richard Nixon and the Watergate Scandal of 1974
  • [25:48] –Patty Hearst and Symbionese Liberation Army in 2002
  • [26:01] –Bill Clinton pardoned FBI’s top fugitive, Mark Rich
  • [36:43] – Obama pardoned 5% of all the pardon requests during his term
  • [46:28] – Matt and Sam take on the use and abuse of Pardon Power and clemency grants


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