Space Law – US Breaks Outer Space Treaty to Strip Mine the Universe – Episode 30

Legally Insane – Episode 31

Matt and Tony start off the show with a friendly argument regarding who knows more about the law. After all, these days a quick Google search can reveal quite a lot. In other news the guys have a live show coming up May 3rd at The Hollywood Improv. There will be a live podcast recording and a ton of great stand up comics. Stay tuned for this week’s episode on the legalities of laying claim to outer space.


  • [07:20] – In 2015 The SPACE Act was passed to allow US citizens to explore the moon and exploit planets.
  • [09:00] – Space is free for exploration but nobody can claim sovereignty over it.
  • [11:17] – In 1936 Dean Lindsay went to the Pittsburgh Notary office and tried to lay claim to everything in space, naming it Lindsay’s Archipelago.
  • [11:47] – James Thomas Mangan founded the nation of Celestial Space, he tried to lay claim to the planets and stars.
  • [20:20] – Alexander The Great and King Frederick and their space wishes.
  • [23:02] – Jergens soap or lotion?

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